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    Set different Y axis scale on Trellis chart


      Hello all,


      We have a Trellis chart with the consumption of different types of gas for each week. The relative values between them are very different. Some types have a very high consumption and other a very low value. Is it possible to make each vertical axis adjust its range values to that is being shown?


        • Set different Y axis scale on Trellis chart
          Pablo Labbe

          Trellis Charts is an option when you need to keep the same scale in x and y axis to all the charts generated to be compared.

          In your case, you need to create a separate chart to each Gas Type.

            • Set different Y axis scale on Trellis chart

              Hello Pablo,

              Thanks for your answer.

              I've had some problems with your approach. Maybe you can give me a hand with it.
              The first problem is the scalability of the problem. If in my tables there appears a new Gas type, I will have to modify de QlikView chart and add a new graphic manually. This is not critical because the types generally remain fixed.
              The second and most important problem is that i can't find the way to make the calculation that I'm doing using one graphic per GAS type.

              What you are seing in the graphic are 3 different fraciles of Simulation scenarios.

              Actually, the expression for the graphic is:

              Fractile (MW, 0.25)
              Fractile (MW, 0.5)
              Fractile (MW, 0.75)

              And the dimensions for Trellis are GasType and Weeks.

              "MW" is my data and is the total for each GasType, Week and the Simulation scenario (the fractile is then calculated from this last variable).

              If I create a separate graphic, I need that in the expresion "Fractile (MW, 0.25)" the MW has only the values of the GasType I want. How could I do that? I suppose it's possible but I don't know how to accomplish it.