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    license user change

      Hello everyone,

      Encounter some strange behavior on the qlikview server here when I try to change a user associated with a qlikview license.

      Here the details:

      I have a user with no license and just want to switch this user with one having a lic.

      Therefore I delete (klick the red cross) and hit apply but the user isn't deleted. It's still there and the amount of used lics didn't drop which confirms no deleted user....Now if I try the same for a user that has never used its lic it works rightaway and I can delete this user and add the new one...

      Since I am at the max of my lic I have to delete one to be able to add another one... This is Qlikview server 9 release 2

      I have enabled the settings below:


      Allow license lease
      Allow dynamic CAL assignment

      Anyone with simillar expierences? Would be great if you could share....