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    Scatter Charts

      Now all discussion about how utterly useless and hideous these montrosities are aside...

      In the attachement is one of the scatter charts requested here... now they are happy with what that displays (What exactly I still don't know...) What they now want is to put in another set of dots that shows the growth between years and they want arrows joining the respective dots.

      Dot A (2010) --> Dot A (2011)

      I can't seem to do it without joining every dot on the chart.

      Anyone able to post an example of having two sets of dots that show the difference between the years?

        • Scatter Charts


          Do you want something like this

          To get this, I need 2 dimensions ( example : Year and Store in this order).

          - The First year is the starting point & The second Year the ending point of the arrows,

          - The Store (Bureau in my example) is figure out with the color of the arrow (see the legend)

          I need also 2 expressions for both axis.

          Then go to properties -> presentation

          choose "Both Line & Symbols" representation, then check "Show arrows" , then choose size & style.


          Let me know if it works or if I forget something