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    Problem with key performance indicator calculation

      Hi all!


      I have a table in the database with key performance indicators (KPIs), in Qlikview i have a report with pivot table where i sum the values of the KPIs. My problem is that i have to add a new KPIs that is the value between divide others two KPIs.



      I'm trying with the combination of the functions pick and match, but i can´t do reference to others kpis where my expresion detected this complex KPI.




      ,Sum({<KPI_ID={$(='PKO')}>} VALUE) / Sum({<KPI_ID={$(='ASI')}>} VALUE)



      I have the kpi calculated into the data base, but really a kpi that is the operation (division) of other two kpis i cannot add the total values, because the total will be wrong, the total value will be the division.


      (See attachment for more information.)


      Any idea? how can i focus the problem?



      Thanks for all!!



      Best regards.