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    Getting attribute values for multiple fields from single attribute table

      Hi all,


      I have a Lead table with fields CustomerName, CustomerCityID, LeadStageID, LeadStageStatus.  Other than CustomerName, all other fields have numeric values which map to a corresponding table with 3 fields: AttributeName, AttributeValue and DisplayValue where AttributeName has values similar to the fieldName (CustomerCityID, LeadStageID, etc).


      So I want to do an analysis of # of customers by City, I need to map Lead.CustomerCityID to Attribute.AttributeDisplayValue where AttributeName='CityID' and AttributeValue=<the value in CustomerCityID>. 


      How do I make this connection for either a straight table or for a bar graph?  What would my dimensions and expressions be for a bar graph which shows count of customers by City name?


      Thanks for your help.