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    Splitting a table during load?

      Hi, I am quite new to Qlik (Sense) and am wondering if there is an easier way to "vertically" split a table.

      The situation I am in, is:

      I have got tables that contain data for several different products in different columns.

      colA1, ..., colAn, colB1, ..., colBn, colC1, ..., colC3,...


      Where colA1, ... contain data for product A

      Where colB1, ... contain data for product B

      and so on


      So in order to do some of my reporting I have split the tables like this


           columns for prod A


           columnA > 0




           columns for prod B


           columnB > 0




      Which results in the original table being read several times during load. Is there any known way to have the split in one go?

      Any suggestions or hints are appreciated