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    BigQuery with Sense

      Trying to get BigQuery working with Sense as I've understood it should be possible.


      I downloaded the 'QlikView Extension for Google BigQuery' from Market and followed the instructions that are provided in the PDF document which is included with the extension. I'm struggling at the beginnin of setup and this is not something that is specific to Sense, i.e. I'm not able to create a ClientId on the Google Cloud Platform side.


      From the instructions:


      • A 'ClientId for Web Applications' with the following allowed javascript origins -
        • http://qlikview - for access via the QlikView Desktop Client
        • http://<QlikView server address> - for access via QlikView server.


      I did only the first one, but Google Cloud Console tells me that I have an invalid redirect URL (http://qlikview/oauth2callback).