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    merge two mapping files into one



      I have 2 different mapping files MapA and MapB having the common ID field. I want to merge them into one QV table having the ID as Key, as follows:


      NewMap.Type = MapA.Type or MapB.Type depending on which of the tables having a value for that field.


      I have tried diffrent methods but the one getting close to work (but just close) is.

      Load MapA

      Load MapB while renaming all the fields to unique names

      Give me a MaPA table that is auto concatenated on ID and contains all the fields from MapA and MapB


      I then load MaPA into NewMap testing if(isnull(MapA.AType), MapA.Btype, MapA.Atype) as NewMap.Type

      The consequences is unfortunately that I get duplicated ID's in NewMap table


      Do I need to use the Qualify function or is it other ways to do it.




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          sushil kumar



          See if the below logic works for you:


          Load MapA from table;


          Load MapB from table

          where not exist(ID);


          and after that remove null from the table




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              Thanks sushil,


              Sorry being a bit new I do not fully follow the logic.

              What do you mean by where not exist(ID)?

              And how do you remove null from the table?


              I might have explained the issue badly.

              MapA.ID     MapA.Type     MapA.SubType

              1                    Atype          null

              2                    Btype          CSubType

              3                    null               DSubType


              MapB.ID          MapB.Type     MapB.SubType

              1                         null             BSubType

              3                        Btype          null


              To become

              NewMap.ID     NewMap.Type     NewMap.SubType

              1                    Atype                    BsubType              

              2                    Btype                    CsubType

              3                    Btype                    DsubType