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    Qlikview webticket doesn't pass user id

      I am trying to implement single signon for my qlikview application. I am using web ticket to implement this. My web ticket gets generated, but when i open the access point using that web ticket, the qlikview does not recognize the user but opens the accesspoint as anonymous. As a result, all documents which have accesses restricted to specific user (through DMS) dont show up in the access point.


      To test it out and zero down on exact problem, i tested things down directly on browser. This is what i do:



      To generate a ticket, i paste this link in my browser:

      http://<server>/QVAJAXZfc/GetWebTicket.aspx?cmd=<Global method='GetWebTicket'><UserId>testuser</UserId></Global>

      Instead of <server>, i put actual IP of the server where the Qlikview server is hosted, which i havent posted here for security reasons.



      This generates a ticket - i get the response in this format:




      Then i use this ticket to access the qlikview access point using following URL:



      This opens the qlikview access point for me but as "Anonymous" instead of as "testuser"

      accesspoint snapshot.png

      Now it shows 1 document that ALL the users had access to, but doesnt show second document which only the testuser had access to. I have defined the access using DMS and ODBC connection.


      What am i missing or doing wrong ?