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    Numeric Codes to text?


      Hi everyone,

      I have some data that's coded, ie


      1 - blue

      2 - red

      3 - white


      For graphs and chart purposes it makes sense to use the codes. However, I would like to create some sort of box that will show the corresponding description to the code when the item is clicked upon.

      Any idea how I go about doing this?


        • Numeric Codes to text?

          Can you please be more clear for what you want to do?

            • Numeric Codes to text?

              I have some data that is coded.


              In other words, for a code such as 99914, it would translate to a procedure such as "CA Scan: pelvis."


              On my histogram, I am doing a count of the codes. For a cleaner look, it makes more sense to use the code number as labels than the actual descriptions on the chart. Once I click on a specific number in the histogram, it narrows down to that specific code to where that is the only bar showing. When this happens I would like a text box some where that can display that code's description.

              Let me know if I need to clarify anything else.


                • Numeric Codes to text?


                  I'm presuming you're bringing in a table that relates codes to procedure names...if not, you'll need to do that first.

                  To do this, create a text box with an expression like:


                  ='Procedure Name: '&[Procedure_Name]

                  Then, on the layout tab of the Text Box Properties dialog, select "Conditional" and use this expression:



                  This will only display the text box with the procedure name when you have 1 procedure code selected. Let me know if this helps!