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    Inputfields and reloads

    Simon Brulotte


      I'm using inputfields that are loaded as such in the script:


      INPUTFIELD Commentaires;

      INPUTFIELD Confirm;


      Load  RowNo() as RowNumber,

      VAL_RPT.VAL_DATE &'R_PAI_00200' as %CLE_Date_calcul_NUM_REGLE,

      VAL_RPT.VAL_DATE as  Date_calcul,

      if(sum(R_PAI_00200.COUNTER)>0,2,0) as Bris,

      'R_PAI_00200' as NUM_REGLE ,

      '' as Commentaires,

      '1' as Confirm

      resident VAL_RPT_R230A

      group by VAL_RPT.VAL_DATE



      I write values through a table box.

      The values for these two fields have been kept in memory for the past 5 months whenever I reload locally on my machine. I've shared the document with a colleague that has reloaded and values were also kept. But For an unknown reason, he has reloaded yesterday and the values were lost...

      I know that if I had loaded these fields from an excel file or any other source that already had values, I would have lost what was written in the table box. But it's not the case. The only thing that could explain this is that the table VAL_RPT_R230A has changed from one load to another and that would trigger Qlikview to lose inputfield values stored in memory. Is that the case?

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          Marcus Sommer

          Storing from inputfield-values inside a qvw is a fragile matter. I don't know why but it failed quite often and assumedly each time if data-structures and/or the load-order changed (I have had multiple times the case where the inptfield-values were on the wrong record).


          Therefore I suggest to export the inputfield-values together with an unique ID or KEY on a regular basis for a backup from which you could load the data again.


          - Marcus

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              Dicky Mohanty

              Hi marcus_sommer,


              Any idea how to read the Inputfield values from the .shared files?


              I am able to fetch all bookmarks data, but not the inputfield values from .shared file.




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                  Marcus Sommer

                  Hi Dicky


                  I'm able to find these values with an editor like notepad++ but it would be quite hard to read them in this way. You would need some efforts with reverse engineering to detect the logic how the data are stored.


                  A lot easier would it be to export the shared-file per shared-file-viewer into a xml-file (option in menu/file) and to read the fieldvalues from there - whereby I'm not sure if this could be automated in any (management API ?) way - maybe there is also (an undocumented) option within the settings.ini like doubling the pgo-files as xml-files.


                  But this would be only one part of the task - then with them you will get only a list of values like fieldvalues are stored in the symbol-tables and you will need to connect them to the key-field which connects the inputfield with the datamodel to get a useful context them. This will require to load these parts from the qvw-datastructure separate and to match these informations - quite surely not a easy work and it all will take some time.


                  - Marcus

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                sivasankar kanagasabai



                Similar issues discussed here Where and how are input values stored? and input field values lost after reload


                Hope it is useful/