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    QlikView and the web

      We are looking at alternative visualization tools and I was looking for some info on QlikView


      We have a reasonably priced web-based OLAP tool. For that we get a full web service which we can embed and sell on to our users. All we need to do is configure the server (easy, we have linux expertise) and write the MDX cubes.


      Does QlikView have a web-based interface ? If so, can some helpful soul give me an idea as to


      a) how is it licenced - we currently have 200+ users and have a server licence

      b) what licensing would we need to make available all out documents to 200 users ?

      c) what OS does would such a server be able to run on ?

      d) what would the cost be (roughly)

      e) we have a 300Gb oracle DB but ( i suppose) a lot of different ways of seeing it. Maybe we would have 20 gb of documents ?? Does that seem a reasonable size ?

      f) How much server memory would a server need to run that to (maybe) 5-10 concurrent users ?

      g) how does web-based performance compare to the client-server configuration ?

      h) anything else ?


      regards and thanks for your help in advance