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    data model optimisation

    Larisa Filonova


      I'm searching for the ways to optimize the data model of my application in terms of dashboard performance.


      Actually, my source data is very simple. It has the logic of an OLAP cube.

      There's a dimension 'Advertisers' which is split by the dimension 'Brands', then 'Brands' are split by 'Subbrands' and so on.

      Advertisers > Brands > Subbrands > Year > Month > Media type > Media vehicle > Region > Product Category and so on ... and finally

      > Budget.

      It comes to me in no other format but a very big Excel table with thousands and thousands of rows in it and up to 20 columns where each column corresponds to each dimension.

      In QV on the backfront I normally do the following:

      1) load this huge Excel table

      2) store it as qvd-file and drop it

      3) load the fields from the qvd-file to the one final table

      Then my data model is ready.

      Is it possible to optimize the data and to improve dashboard performance?

      Thank you in advance,