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    Custom groups not working


      I have set up custom directory service provider to allow us to create custom users and groups.

      I have also redirected the login page so that the user can authenticate against the custom catalog.

      PROBLEM: The groups that I have created and assigned in the authorization tab of a document are not being respected.


      1. SCENARIO: Create a custom user "Fred" .
      2. Create a custom group "Group1".
      3. Assign Fred to group "Group1".
      4. Authorize user "Fred" for document xxx.qvw.
      5. Login to access point as Fred using custom login page
      6. I can see document xxx.qvw
      7. Logout of accesspoint
      8. Authorize only group "Group1" for document xxx.qvw
      9. Login to accesspoint
      10. No documents displayed

      Expected behaviour: By only assigning the group 'Group1" as authorized for document xxx.qvw, and having Fred as a member if this group, I expect to have that document displayed in access point.


      Any help here will be much appreciated.





        • Custom groups not working


          We are also facing same issue with Qlikview 10. Have you heard anything from QlikTech regarding this? is it a bug?




            • Custom groups not working

              HI Robins

              Unfortunately I have heard nothing of any value yet. The local partners here have replied by saying that they cannot replicate it on their own environments. As far as I know, an official ticket has been logged with Qlikview, but it has been weeks now and no reply. I am going to escalate this , as we are paying maintenance across 3 global datacentres and the support is quite poor.


              We have a Qlikview conference here in South Africa on Tuesday next week, and I have managed to secure 2 hours of one of their engineers to discuss some other issues, so will try to get an answer on this too. Will keep this thread alive.