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    Set Analysis Issue - Comparing two Fields

    Shumail Hussain

      I am trying to compare two fields and unable to get the required value, below is my data:


      12456Jan-11Dec-10Jan-11Feb-10   154,100.00
      15144May-11Apr-11Jan-11Jun-10     10,054.00
      65112Jun-11May-11Jan-11Jul-10   320,496.00
      41120Nov-10Sep-10Jan-10Dec-09     12,054.00
      45661Apr-11Mar-11Jan-11May-10     21,560.00
      57482Jun-11May-11Jan-11Jul-10       1,541.00
      78441May-11Apr-11Jan-11May-10   540,000.00


      Below is the expression i am using to get the bal


      =(sum({$<MonthName_ID = ${MonthNameMTD_ID}>} bal)