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    Adding indicator field in load script

    Mark Gertgen

      Hi all, I need a hand adding an indicator (1/0) field to a resident table.  Normally I'd do this in SQL as the data was coming in, but my data source is a stored proc, so I need to do this in my QV load script.


      I have a table with User, Measure and Date.  I want to add an indicator field for the latest of each measure by each user.


      Given the table below, I want to add a Current Record Indicator column that has a 1 for:


      John / A / September 2015

      John / B / November 2015

      Sara / B / September 2015

      Sara / C / April 2015

      Sara / D / January 2015


      For all other rows the indicator would be 0.  Using a group by I created a table with User, Measure and Max(Date).  Now I just have to figure out how to join/map the two tables so that I end up the indicator column added to the base table.


      I'm sure this isn't complicated, but I can't figure out how to do it 'the QlikView way' and I'm just spinning my wheels now.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!







      JohnAJuly 2015
      JohnAAugust 2015
      JohnASeptember 2015
      JohnBSeptember 2015
      JohnBOctober 2015
      JohnBNovember 2015
      SaraBAugust 2015
      SaraBSeptember 2015
      SaraCMarch 2015
      SaraCApril 2015

      January 2015