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    Document CALs in Distribution Service

    Shobana Sridaran



      If I use Pulisher to distribute a qvw based on a field in the source qvw and if this qvw has, say 5 Document CALs assigned to it. Will the qvw's produced as the result of the distribution process also inherit the document CALs ?


      I'm trying to understand the best way to allocate document CALs to qvw's produced as a result of a distribution process.


      Many thanks,


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          Bill Markham

          I presume you have set it to Dynamically Assign your Doc CAL's and assigned 5 Doc CAL's to the qvw.


          This means up to 5 Users can each grab one of the 5 CAL's, but the 6th will be refused and get an error message saying so.


          The users the Doc is distributed to are given permissions to the document.  Permissions and Doc CAL's are seperate things and handled by QV separately.  For it to work the users need both a Doc Cal and permission to the qvw.

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              Shobana Sridaran

              Thank you, Bill.


              I'm trying to find out the best way to assign Document CALs when I have a number of dashboards (say 100) and each of them to be assigned to (say 100) specific users. Qlikview has provided a way to control permission while distribution but there is no way to automatically assign Document CALs to the documents produced by the distribution service.


              So the only way is for me to go in to the server and manually assign each of the 100 dashboards with at least one Document CAL and then assign the user relevant to it on each of the 100 documents ?