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    Why can I see excluded fields in Qlik Sense (section access)

    Anton van Keep

      In the application there is section access enabled. This allows users who login to only see their ID. In the section access there only exists the ID of the user which is logged in (or multiple one, that is also possible). This field is named LOGIN_ID. It is connected to a table containing benchmark data LOGIN_ID and ID.

      In the application the users have the possibility to see (or change) their LOGIN_ID. In most cases there will be only 1 ID.


      The problem appears when a user types in any character in the search field and then clicks on “clear”.


      Then all other values appear.


      But when clicking on it an error message appears with a text about using a wrong parameter. After clicking on OK in the error message only the values are shown just as it supposed to be.

      How can I fix this or is this a bug?