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    Understanding of system admin question for qliksense

    abhay singh

      Set Up the Environment (10% of the exam)

      • Determine resources to meet the system requirements
      • Complete the installation
      • Apply a certificate

      Configure Access (30% of the exam)

      • Establish a user directory connection and refresh schedule
      • Determine when to create a single and/or multiple streams
      • Ensure a specific user/group has access to a specific stream
      • Set up security rules given a set of directives for apps/roles/streams/etc.
      • Analyze security rules to determine access to apps
      • Confirm access rules for a specific scenario to control distribution of login and user access tokens

      Configure Apps, Tasks and the Content Library (25% of the exam)

      • Design efficient task schedule for the available reload resources
      • Evaluate the effect of a task in a given scenario
      • Move or import an app within an environment
      • Import an extension within an environment
      • Determine the appropriate method for handling content
      • Share and/or manage data connections to specific groups

      Manage the Environment (22% of the exam)

      • Analyze apps, streams, tasks, roles, extensions and content, and make recommendations for changes (i.e., sync rules and tasks)
      • Manage rights for user groups, including overlapping security rules/access rights
      • Manage allocation of tokens to reflect the business demands
      • Determine the reason and/or method for expanding the environment (i.e., add a node, allocate content to a node, add services to a node, etc.)

      Monitor and Troubleshoot the Environment (13% of the exam)

      • Identify monitoring tools to proactively manage resources including, but not limited to memory, processor, and license tokens
      • Diagnose and/or resolve the root cause of errors (i.e., system crash, driver crash, network issues, synchronization issues, policy updates, certificates, etc.)