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    Month wise % chage vs. particular month..

      Hi Community..


      Here I have a requirement where I need to calculate the % change with a base month amount  to the current dimension value amount.

      In the pivot table.

      where month and regions are a dimensions. 'Parts Inventory' and 'Parts % change' are the metrics.

      'Parts % change': this can be calculated as the % change of amount over the month to the starting month value. Here the Aug-14 is the starting period.

      ***Here Aug-14 Parts amount is a base amount to consider for the period Aug-14 to Aug-15

      for ex: for Feb-15= ( (Parts Inventory of Feb-15)-(Parts Inventory of Aug-15))/ (Parts Inventory of Aug-15) similar calculation for all months up to Aug-15.


      I have created a static variable for the Aug-14 month amount. but when the dimension is month this variable showing value for only Aug. Not showing for other months because of this I could not able to get the % numbers in the table..


      Please find the UI Table image attached ..



      Please suggest the solutions