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    v10 Supporting Task to open, modify, save Excel file not working when initiated through Management Console

      In testing v10 Server/Publisher/Developer, I am stuck on one thing: I cannot get a supporting task to successfully run a qvw which has an "on open" module to open, modify and save an Excel file. This process works in v85 and it works in v10 when I log in to the server under the automated user account and open the qvw directly.

      The external task commandline is this:

      qv.exe /NoSecurity \\SERVERNAME\QlikView\Development\__Data_Load\Testing_Module.qvw

      Within the module, there is a reload statement, an email generation function (which works), and the Excel open/modify/save function - which works everywhere except when initiated via Publisher (QEMC).

      Any thoughts -- anyone?

      Thanks! Tyler

      Environment: 64 bit, 128 GB, 4-quad core processor server running v10 Server and Developer.