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    Object with all data even if the data is not directly related



      I have here a big problem with lots of hours spent already.


      We all know that QlikView has an associative model which is great but for this particular question, it might be a problem for me.


      I will discribe my problem, and some of you can point me to other related discussions, or even offer me a solution


      The scenario is the following:


      We have External (for the final customer) and Internal (between sales organizations of the same company) Invoices.


      This External and Internal Invoices are related to each one and it can be easely associated. This is not the problem.


      The problem is that in some cases, there are external and internal invoices that should be associated but are not (have no key field in common).


      My goal here is to display this invoices in an object.

      For example:


      OrderNum     ExternalInvoice     InternalInvoice     Value         InternalValue

      ---------------     -----------------------     --------------------     ----------         ----------------

      123               9999                    8888                    541               452

      321               9998                    8887                    489               489

      231               9997                    NULL                   789              0

      369               NULL                  8885                      0                15


      In QlikView I can't see this last record.


      Anyone has any ideia?

      Thanks very much