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    Issue with ListBox scroll (horizontal & Vertical both) in Ajax client

    Manish Narang

      Hi All,

      I am facing the issue of listbox scroll bars in qlikview dashboard (created using QV11).


      we use:

      1. Chrome browser (app is shown in an iframe of a .Net Based web application)

      2. Ajax client (we don't have IE plug-in at all)

      2. Created using QV11


      Sometimes, the listbox scroll stops working, it works with Mouse wheel though, but when we stick it to scroll bar and try to move up/down, it doesn't respond at all.


      I read a post of back in 2011 that it is a bug in QV  (Scroll bars in AJAX ). but can someone confirm? because by now, it might have been sorted out. Also, suggest if there is any workaround forhtis.