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    Reload EDX macro and OCX error

    Giorgia Michieli

      Hi all,

        I would like to run a qlikview task from access point via EDX.

      So i write this macro


      Sub ReloadDWH

        dim strCommand


        strCommand= ActiveDocument.Variables("vEDX_GMBI").GetContent.String



        Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

        msgbox("set wshell")

        Return = WshShell.Run (strCommand,0,false)

        msgbox("Comando eseguito attendere ricaricamento")

      End Sub 'ReloadDWH


      I have a button with run macro action.


      With QlikView local client it works, but in the access point I have this error:


      "Macro Parse Failed. Functionality was lost. Error:"








      "D:\QMSEDX\QMSEDX.exe" -task="GMBI_DWH_LIV2.QVW" -verbosity="5"


      I also tryied this:

      "\\machinename\d$\Program Files\QMSEDX\qmsedx.exe" -task="GMBI_DWH_LIV2.QVW" -qms=http://localhost:4799/QMS/Service -password=""


      Any ideas?
      Thank you so much!