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    set analysis for trending by rolling years

    Kristina Stephenson

      Hi All,


      I'm working on creating a trend chart (trending by rolling years) of $ per member per year for patients with claims data.


      I have the following dimensions:

      Rolling Year End Date= EndDt

      Payment Category= PaymentCat


      I'm struggling to get my expression to work for all scenarios:


      PMPY $=(SUM({<EndDt>}pay_adj_amt)/SUM({<EndDt>}MemberMonths))*12


      Currently, the above expression works if I only have 1 patient selected. If I have more than 1 patient selected, it appears as if the member month aggregation only counts member months for patients in the specific payment category, versus member months for all patients selected. How should I adjust the set analysis to account for this?





      ***See test QVW attached and see comment below for further explanation