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    Filtering the Values in a Filter Pane

    Justin McPheeters



      I'm creating a sheet of Salesforce data.  This sheet is just to show details related to open opportunities of particular record types, so I'm using set analysis on my charts and KPIs in order to filter them appropriately.  I'm able to get everything filtered and displaying properly except for in a Filter Pane.


      The filter pane is for the Opportunity Owner.  Since the point of the sheet is to limit results/statistics to certain record types and stages, I want to make sure that only the appropriate Opportunity Owners show up in the filter pane.  By doing a formula using Aggr() and Only() I am able to filter the list correctly, but the Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey bar below the filter pane shows as fully dark grey no matter what selections I make in that filter pane.


      Below is the formula that I used to filter the filter pane and attached is an image of the filter pane (with no selections made).


      Aggr(Only({$ <[Opportunity Record Type]={"Record Type 1","Record Type 2","Record Type 3"},

      [Stage]-={"Renewal Lost","Renewal Won","Merged","CTL Owned"}>}[Opportunity Owner]),[Opportunity Owner])


      I wanted to see if anyone else has run into this issue, and found a solution, or if it's something I need to propose as an idea/something for Qlik to evaluate in a future release.


      Thank you,