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    Looping Login

      When I try to login to Qlik Sense Cloud I get stuck in a login loop. It'll say something along the lines of you're already logged in, it will flash and say you are being redirected, flash again go to a blank page with the green progress bar and loop.


      This does this in IE 11, Chrome and Firefox. I have tried clearing cache and cookies on all 3 browsers and rebooting. I have previously been able to login. I have tried this on a different computer and I get the same result.


      I created a new account just to test and the new account can login just fine so it seems like it could be something wrong with my account. I have logged a case (as of yesterday) with support however when I go to check on the case in the customer portal I get the same thing.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this before and have any ideas? or the typical response time on tickets put in? Main reason I'm asking is I'm trying to pitch the use of Qlik Sense to my management so we can take it to our client and the day I went to show my manager this started happening, bad timing.


      It could be related to a request I had to shift my email address from my gmail to my work mail.