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    Expression Sum({<$(ColumnDim51)={"$(ColumnDim51)"}>}Amount)/1000 not working

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I want to make 1 chart replace 2 chart by using diamension ?


      Objective to save number of table and sheet or to reduce number of chart for my QV Doc.


      Following is the step i did :-


      STEP (1) Below is the script that declare the diamension :-



      LOAD * INLINE [

           Pls select 66 Dim,Column51








      STEP (2) After reload the script , i display field = Pls select 66 Dim on the sheet.



      STEP (3) At the same time I set variable :-



      I create new var = ColumnDim51



      Defination as :-

      =text('[' & (Column51) & ']')



      STEP (4) I use the below script :-






      Modify it become as below :-






      For chart 1 expression



      My Question is why chart 1 does not display any bar ? where i go wrong on the above expression ?



      As i except chart 1 display same as Chart A.


      I will send my QV doc in my next post.