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    Unable to use "send to excel" or "export" features to work with AJAX client in either IE 8 or Firefox 3.6

      I am unable to get the "export to excel" or "export" features to work with IE 8 or Firefox 3.6. In Firefox, I receive the following error "Can't open 'http://my.server.com/QvPrint/c91415b29de2475fad317c4ec49dfb1f.xls' due to error: undefined". If I cut and paste the link into a browser window, I am able to access the document. I can use both features with Chrome. I am running Windows 7 OS and our QV server is 9SR6 on W2K3. There have been some variations of this question asked in the past, but I have been unable to locate an answer for this specific problem.

      Thanks in advance,

      Bill Frederick