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    Confused about using Active Directory Groups to allow access to sheets

    Bobby Flake

      I apologize if I missed this somewhere in the community.

      I have a QV document with 2 sheets.  1 sheet called "Summary" should be open to everyone.  The other sheet call "Analysis" should only be accessible to the members of an active directory group called SG-IRIS-AVIP on the WMSERVICE Domain


      There are many hundreds of people in the SG-IRIS-AVIP group so I'm hoping that I don't have to maintain a mapping document somewhere but read in the Active Directory group as a unit.


      I also have a different Active Directory group for Admin users that should have full access to the entire document.  This group is called SG-GRCIT_Reporting_ADMIN and is also on the WMSERVICE Domain


      I'm sure someone has done this before.  Any examples would be much appreciated!