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    Scroll bars in AJAX


      When viewing Qlikview documents in AJAX, it appears that the arrows to move the scroll bar up and down do not function properly for tables and charts.

      For example, go to a document that you can access on a server and view it in AJAX through Access Point. Find / make a straight table, table box, and list box. Now shrink them so that a scroll bar appears on the right side. In the list box, you should be able to 1) click the up and down arrows for the scroll bar and have that move the scroll bar up or down, thereby seeing different lines of data. You should also be able to 2) click the area between the scroll bar and the down arrow to move the scroll bar down multiple rows at once. Try those two things in the table box and straight table, do they work for you? Those two methods of moving the scroll bar do not work for me in AJAX.

      Is this a known issue with no fix? Or am I missing something?




      I feel like this has to have been addressed somewhere on this site but I didn't find it.