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    I can't suss this Aggr / Set Analysis

    Bill Markham

      I am trying to estimate how many QlikSense Licence Tokens would be needed for a QlikView to QlikSense migration.


      I have extracted the raw data of QlikView Sessions [Start, End Duration] against AD Users and have got a couple Straight Tables sussed for it.


      But the one I can't suss is that for the [Session Start Date] selected it should show the next 30 Dates, but should only show rows relating to AD users that have consumed >= 10 off One Hour Slots during the 30 day period, as in with >10 One Hours it is best setting the QlikSense Token be for Named User.


      When I got this sussed then I can put it into a Bar Chart and eyeball it to see the worst case scenario day for estimated QlikSense licence tokens required.


      Attached is my qvw, but with the AD Users scrambled to protect the innocent.