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Qlik Alerting Connection Error


This morning I installed Qlik Alerting and everything was working fine. 

I created a alert and it worked as expected. But suddenly i ran into an error without changing anything. 

When I want to change the alert, i'm getting the notification: "Internal server error. Please check Logs."


When I look at the logfile qlik-connector i'm getting the following error message:

{"stack":"Error: Not connected\n at d (C:\\Program Files\\Qlik Alerting\\qlik-connector\\server.js:488:20723)\n at e.value (C:\\Program Files\\Qlik Alerting\\qlik-connector\\server.js:488:33082)\n at C:\\Program Files\\Qlik Alerting\\qlik-connector\\server.js:488:24345\n at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)\n at async Object.o [as getApps] (C:\\Program Files\\Qlik Alerting\\qlik-connector\\server.js:488:7034)","message":"Not connected","code":-1,"enigmaError":true}


If I try to adjust source in the admin part i'm getting also the inter server error notification. 

Though, I still can trigger the alert and it still send me the email so there is still an connection between alerts and qlik sense. 

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?





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What version of Qlik Alerting? Do you have a screenshot of your configuration screen? Can you attach a copy of your Alerting Logs?


This issue there in Sep 2020 and fixed in Nov 2020. If not, Please provide screenshot?

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