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Qlik alerting bug on numeric format (December 2020)

I'm an italian partner of qlik, and i want to focus your attention on a bug that i 've found while working on alerts in my app on qlik sense cloud edition. The bug is related to the numeric format that alerting doesn't handle.

When creating an alert, in the step 1 "Details and data", the number preview shows the correct chosen formatting of our measure (e.g. money format). In the next step 2 "Conditions", after selecting a condition, the preview of our data loses any formatting (chosen in the previous step). We obtain the same unformatted number even in the final notification, in the hub and in the email.

This not cause only visualization problems on the alerts, but engraves on the conditional expression of the alerts too. Indeed, in Italy the default of numeric format is this: 10.000,00 where dot is thousands separator and comma is decimals separator; exactly the opposite of US default format.

It seems alerting on the step 2 of alert creating form (Conditions) treats the number as if it were exclusively in American format, losing the italian format.

For example, 2,894.50 in american format  remains 2,894.50 in the alert, while 2.894,50 in italian format becomes 2894.4999999 (there is another problem that consists in some incorrect rounding of the number)

I attached two example apps that explain the problem. App1-US uses american format (see the main section of the script) and App2-IT uses italian format.

There is also a video shows  the results I get.

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Has this been submitted to Qlik Support for replication and logged as a bug so that we can fix this is future releases of Qlik Alerting? Are you also able to replicate this issue in Feb. 2021?


Hi @zuk! Are you still seeing the issue in the current cloud version? Thanks!


Daniele - Senior Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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