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Contributor III
Contributor III

Ad Hoc Pivot Table Field Not Populating


We're creating an inline "island" table to allow the user to select a field from a filter pane and using Show Column IF below to show that column in a table/pivot table conditionally. So a sort of ad hoc table/pivot table. We are running into a weird issue where selecting a certain field in the filter pane does NOT allow the field to show in the ad hoc table/pivot table. Below are the details. What is happening is, the field does not show in the ad hoc table. Instead, "Incomplete Visualization" appears (but other fields are showing fine using the logic below). Any ideas what might be wrong?

1) Load inline table in script;

_Dimension, _Dim_ID

Invoice, V
Payment Month, W

2) Create filter pane of fields available for selection


3) Add "Invoice" field from above as a Dimension in the table/pivot table .Use "Show Column If" to show the field conditionally if the user selects it from #1:

=SubStringCount(Concat([_Dim_ID], '|'), 'V')

Expected result is, when user selects "Invoice" as a field from #1, that field should render/show per the logic in #3. Instead, nothing shows and we get "Incomplete Visualization." Again, other fields work fine. So strange. Maybe a data issue/limitation in Qlik?

Thanks for any tips!

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