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Bug Report: Renamed values in Master Items caused custom colors to max out with no way to remove

I am working on Qlik SaaS and I am using custom colors for a Master Item Dimension with 75 values. Qlik lets you set 100 custom colors so it shouldn't be a problem. But we have changed some of the text of the values during the project and now when I go to edit a color it tells me I've hit the maximum of 100 custom colors. So there are 25 custom colors stored in the database but I can't access them to remove them and free up more for the current 75.

A higher limit than 100 seems like the easiest solution to this problem, but if not that then maybe it's possible to remove the stored custom colors that are no longer for a valid value in the field? If not that then continue to list the old values with custom colors at the bottom of the list of values in the field in the UI so that they can still be removed.


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Hi, just above the colors, on the right of the search box, there is a '...' button, there you can clear all colors.

Note that you will also lose the colors asigned to valid values.