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Contributor III
Contributor III

Button to replace dimension filter

Hello All,

I have the following KPI measure- currently I use a normal filter pane to filter the KPI measure based on the required dimension. But I intend to replace the filter pane having the required dimension with a Button.

I tried to insert a button and add an action(Select values in a field) to it but the KPI measures is not reflecting according to the Button selection.

Also I kept the KPI measures and the button on the same state, but not working.

Can someone please help me figure this out?

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1. Check that when you click the button the selections are indeed applied. In other words make sure the action you assign to the button functions.

2. Check that the expression you use in the KPI object doesn't overrule the selections with set analysis.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

@Gysbert_Wassenaar  it works and the normal button works functionally but it is not highlighting when the button was selected. So for that I created a new variable to show as button with all the dynamic values.

And on the KPI measure, I tired to insert the variable on the expression below

But the set expression seems to be incorrect- could you please help to rectify the set expression below which used on the KPI measure

New Variable- vchannel- values-'Total|Domestic|Affiliate'

=if(Match(vchannel,'Domestic'),sum({<[Distribution Channel-FG]=('Domestic')>}{<Date={'$(=date(WeekStart(Today()-7)))'}>}[Total-FG.MTD Sales Units]))

Thank you