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Contributor III
Contributor III

CSS Formatting - New Straight Table and New Pivot Table



I have some custom theme files using company colours for the straight and pivot table objects amongst others.

I'm no expert so have only pieced together what i've learned and discovered over time.

I would this to apply the same to the new straight table and new pivot table objects found under the visulization bundle on Qlik but i cant find the correct objects.


The existing straight table CSS i have is:

/* -- styling straight table -- */
.qv-st table {background: var(--white);}
.qv-st-header>tr {background-color: var(--colour1);	color: var(--white) !important;}
.qv-st-header .qv-st-total-cell, .qv-st-data-cell, .qv-st-header-cell {border-bottom: 1px solid var(--white) !important;}
.qv-st-data-cell-null-value {background-color: unset !important;} 
.touch-off .qv-st-interactive:not(.qv-st-selections-active):not(.qv-st-reordering-active) .qv-st-header:not(.qv-st-custom-header) .qv-st-header-cell-search:hover:not(:active):not(.qv-st-header-cell-search-open), .touch-off .qv-st-navigatable:not(.qv-st-selections-active):not(.qv-st-reordering-active) .qv-st-header-sortable:not(.qv-st-custom-header):hover:not(:active):not(.qv-st-header-cell-search-open) {background-color: var(--colour1); cursor: pointer;}
.qv-st-header .qv-st-total-cell {border-top: 1px solid var(--white); background-color: var(--grey);	color: var(--black);}
.qv-st-bottom-header .qv-st-total-cell {border-top: 1px solid var(--white);	background-color: var(--colour1); color: var(--white);}

 The main thing here is to add a background colour to the column headers of the table and white text - i would like to do the same on the new straight table.


The existing pivot table CSS i have is:

/* -- styling header row in pivot table-- */
[tid="header.row"] {background-color: var(--colour1) !important; color: var(--white);}

Same as above, add a background colour to the header/columns of the table with white text - i would like to do the same on the new pivot table.


Does anyone have any ideas how to achieve?


Would be great if Qlik did a tutorial on this, i know there is articles etc but some good, official documention could be great.


Thanks in advance.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Check out this article? Can this help?

Styling Qlik sense Apps using CSS - Qlik Community - 2003818


Thanks for the link, it resolved my issue.

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