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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Calcul With Compare into a same Graphic table


I need to count the number of person who have a average salary below the average salary of job (or the compagny, of the department...).

I have create a graphic table with the first dimension (is the dimension who I want for each value, the number of person who have a average salary below the average salary of the value of dimension) and I have create the mesure like this :

=COUNT({<KEY_SALAIRE_BASE=P({<[Salaire de Base ETPRH]={[<$(=AVG({<KEY_SALAIRE_BASE={"=$(v_Moy_Salaire_de_Base_P)>0"}>} AGGR($(v_Moy_Salaire_de_Base_P),KEY_SALAIRE_BASE)))]}>} KEY_SALAIRE_BASE)>} DISTINCT Matricule)

[Salaire de Base ETPRH] : Is the average salary for one person. 

KEY_SALAIRE_BASE is the unique identifiant for a person and a salary.

Matricule : Is a unique identifiant for a person.

It's work but it compare the salary of the person with the total of average salary of the dimensions. But I want it compare with the value of the dimension in each road.

Do you have an idea please ?


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