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Can not reorder base or community sheets in Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.2 SR4

Hello all,

I am attempting to reorder sheets in the "Base Sheets" and "Community Sheets" sections of an app without success. I've scoured Qlik Community Boards and found several posts saying to long hold left click, but for me it doesn't work except for in the "My Sheets" section. So to summarize, I can reorder sheets in the "My Sheets" section, but not in the "Base Sheets" or "Community Sheets" sections.

I am using Qlik Sense 3.2 SR4.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Josh - I was having the same issue since probably June, 2017 release. It was annoying not being able to drag and swap the sheets. I was not aware that you need to hold the sheet for few seconds before you can drag it. Thanks for the note on this issue. I looked at your other problem, and I believe you can only swap sheets in the app that is not published. I checked the published app and I am experiencing the same issue. I don't remember if that was possible before or not. That may explain why published app is blocked from reorganizing the sheets in the app.

I would like some of the Qlik IT guys to shed a light on this issue and if my assumption is correct?