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Contributor III
Contributor III

Change Totals Label in a Pivot



I have a Pivot in Qlik Sense - with two Dimensions on the left, and Month as a secondary dimension horizontally, with two measures.  

The requirement  is to have the two 'totals' columns as a latest Month Only and YTD value.  I've been able to get this to work successfully within the Measure expression using:

if(ColumnNo()=0, >>Do totals processing<<, >>Do measure processing<< )


Now I want to change the Totals Labels - Highlighted in Yellow. Measure A to be MO Var, and Measure B to be YTD Var.  I cannot get it to do what iI want!  I can change the 'Total' Literal, but obviously that's of limited use.  I've messed with all the functions possible!  

I foolishly assumed if(ColumnNo()=0, 'Totals Label', 'Measure Label' ) would work... but no luck

Does anyone have any good ideas? I'd really appreciate it.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

sorry to repost, but does anyone have any idea how to go about this? Cheers!