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Creator II
Creator II

Circular Loop

Hello All,

Can anyone please help me with the below scenario :-

This is my Data model












I want to achieve below association:-

User table linked with ID Card table on %IDCard

User table linked with Activity table on %userID

Activity table linked with ID card table on %projectID

Right now it is creating circular. Can anyone please help me to achieve this relationship by eliminating circular loop ?

Please help

Thank You

2 Replies


I think, 

user table has unique records of user & its map with Id_Card table based on %DivisonID (not with %IdCard based on ur screenshot) & activity tables contains all the activity of the projects based on Project ID.

In that case, you can rename the "%userID" with "%ActivityUserID" in "ActivityProject" table. So that, it will avoid the circular loop. 

Or , you can create link table.





Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R

Why do you need the three way circular association? I believe it is enough to have association from Activity_Details to User to ID_Card. Any selection will autmaticly filter all your data accordingly.

Try this.

  1. Rename your user.id_card to user.%IdCard.
  2. You need to drop or rename one of your %DivisionId fields. (Maybe you can rename your ID_card.%DivisionId into ID_card.CardDivision.)
  3. Drop or rename the ID_Card.ProjectID field

Please explain if this is not an suitable solution for your application.

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