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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Continuous Accumulation by Month

Hello, I am currently trying to set up a line chart that will show the accumulated number of events from one month to the next. I have attached an example app to demonstrate what I am trying to accomplish. In my sample data I have 5 events that occur over 7 months.


On the top chart, I show EventDate with a continuous Axis. This looks good, but I want to also show the accumulation by month.

In the chart on the bottom left, I have EventMonth as my dimension with a continuous X-axis. The issue is that the X-Axis is showing the date value rather than the year.

In the chart on the bottom right, I have EventMonth as my dimension without a continuous X-axis. The issue here is that the chart is no longer continuous. I can't see the months in the middle.

What I am hoping to get is a mix of the bottom two charts where my X-Axis is my month, but it shows all of the months in between. And for those months, I would like it to show as a flat line rather than a slope to the next month with a data point. I would also like to do this without modifying the data.

Is this possible?

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