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Creating Filter Pane for a Dimension, depending on the value of another Dimension

Hi folks,

I have the following dataset.

I would like to create a Filter Pane which allows the user to filter for the name of responsible Employees.


Project nameEmployeeEmployee Role
Project 1EddardCreator
Project 1CathleenResponsible
Project 2RobCreator
Project 3JonCreator
Project 3RobResponsible


Thanks for any support!


2 Replies
Contributor III
Contributor III

This expression should do the trick:


=If([Employee Role] = 'Responsible', Employee)





Thanks for your input. The problem is that I would like to see all data related to the filtered projects.

E.g. if the user filters for 'Rob' as Responsible, I would like to see all information about Project 3 (the Creator as well).

From the dataset above, I created the following chart in the visualization:

Project nameCreatorResponsible
Project 1EddardCathleen
Project 2Rob-
Project 3JonRob
Project 4-Rob


For example the expression for column Responsible is: =Only({<[Employee Role]={'Responsible'}>} [Employee])

Now, I would like to put a filter pane above, where the user can filter for Responsibles.

E.g. if she filters for 'Rob', I would like to see Project 3 and 4.

If I use the suggested expression, it will only show Project 4, but not Project 3, where Rob is also Responsible, but the Creator is another employee...