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Contributor III
Contributor III

Custom Association in Data Manager


I have two tables and want to make a custom association in the Data Manager. When I click on the "Custom association" button under the bubbles, and select the field I want to associate, the page just hangs there? Does this mean I need to go to the load editor script and make the custom association there? This data is not particularly large in volume so not sure why the page after this one hangs when making a custom assoc.

In addition, when I make the custom assoc., do the delivered ones get automatically removed?

I also found a custom association results in the field I'm associating being renamed to Link_ …. Is this normal?

Thanks for any tips!!


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Contributor III
Contributor III


1) I found I had to load data again (after dragging the bubbles on top of each other). Then clicking "Custom association" did not hang.

2) I'm also seeing the rename of associated fields varies in the resulting new name, but almost always some sort of rename occurs.

3) As for verifying the delivered associations are removed/overridden, not sure how to tell that? In Data manager, I still see them there as buttons under the bubbles and not sure how to remove other than through the load editor. I assume doing the latter means removing the delivered renaming for those fields (which a system-generated association seems to do).

Thanks for any tips.