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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Define map areas based on Geoanalytics ADM2 areas

I have an application in which I fetch the ADM2 areas for a country from the Geoanalytics server. I also have a mapping table which connects each ADM2 area to a specific sales region defined by the company itself, so each ADM2 area get 1 (always exactly 1) sales region connected to it.

What I want to do is display the sales region areas in the map. I can do it by using the ADM2 area as map location and colouring by sales region, but I would optimally like to use the sales region as map locations, as it would give a much cleaner look and simplify tool tips etc.

Is this possible, and in that case, how?

Qlik GeoAnalytics , Qlik Sense Business 

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Creator III
Creator III


Can a sales region have multiple ADM2 areas? It sounds like you want to use the dissolve function in order to create the custom Sales regions. 

If that is the case please see below to find a great article for this. I use dissolve a good bit for custom territories, it is a good tool!