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Contributor III
Contributor III

Do not show 0 values in cumulative line chart

Hi all,

In my line chart I'm cumulating sales over a period of time (months and years). However, a customer can also purchase something for free, which is also added to the sales. However, in my line chart I want to remove the 0, so that the minimum value on the Y-axis does not show 0, neither a period that only had free purchases. 

So far I tried it with set analysis, but no luck (for some reason Qlik does not accept RangeMin to be used instead of Min):

=min( {<Sales -={0}>}  Sales)

Neither does using RangeMin > 0,  and I do not want to use this solution since it will still display 0 on my Y-axis and a trailing part on the line chart because some period there has only been free purchases.example_line_chart.png



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Please try with this settings.

Hope this helps you - Vikas p1.jpgp2.jpg