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Equivalent of Excel's SUMIFS in Qlik Sense

I have data by persons and by date

I'm looking for an equivalent of Excel's SUMIFS function in Qlik Sense, as I would like to calculate a sum of a field "A" per person, if the sum of another field "B" for the whole day is not equal to 0.

Something like this :

if(sum of B for the day <> 0, A, 0) //which I don't know how to do 

I'm not sure if this can be done in the script, or directly in a table object?

Thanks for helping!

P.S. : my excel function goes like that :

=SI(SOMME.SI.ENS(CW:CW;A:A;A8)=0;0;CY8) where CW:CW is "B" column, A:A is the date column and CY is the "A" column

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