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Contributor III
Contributor III

Exclude data from one KPI in calculation of another

I have an app with 4 KPI's. I am trying to figure out how to exclude the results of the other KPI's when filtered. My first KPI is Count({<NonComplianceReason = {1600}>} Distinct Person)/Count( Distinct TotalPop) to give me a percentage. For my second KPI I am trying to do something like Count({<ComplianceReason = {1601}>} Distinct Person)/Count( Distinct TotalPop) Minus Count({<NonComplianceReason = {1600}>} Distinct Person)/Count( Distinct TotalPop). When I do a subtraction sign it somewhat works but when the first part of the second KPI is zero it is showing as a negative percentage equal to the first KPI. I am trying to calculate the additional KPI's in the same way where I would exclude the results from the previous so people don't show up in multiple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Philip Radovich

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