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Fact table with several columns as measures

I'm reading 3 fact tables from a database
these tables have like 30 columns of which 10 are measures
these fact tables are linked via a link table in Qlik (not concatenated into one table)

there are measures that require summing diverse columns from the 3 fact tables; and this is causing low performance in the chart that display these measures

I was thinking of using cross table and minimize the measure columns into one; the thing is that the fact tables have so many rows (14 to 15 millions rows) so if I make a crosstable then I'm ending up with over 100 million records for each fact table
so now if I concatenate the resulting table, will there be degradation in performance? 
kindly advise

I can walk on water when it freezes
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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

HI @ali_hijazi 

Performance depends a lot on the server spec and concurrent user base.

But i have worked on apps with a lot more data in that 14 or 15 million rows with no problems, as long as you have a good data model and a decent server you should be ok.

Partner - Master
Partner - Master

The thing is that when I do a cross table on these tables, I end up with over 100 million records each 

Then I need to concatenate these tables so I end up with a table with 300+ million records 

And this number is subject to increase every month 




I can walk on water when it freezes